Would YOU Like to Be Caregiver of the Month?

Good News

Hooray for Martha!

We're glad to announce that the Caregiver of the Month for November 2020 was Martha Nethers. Martha is one of our longest-serving caregivers, and she has become a valued part of many of our clients' lives. She helped a family dealing with a lot of hardship last month, with grace, kindness, and professionalism. We are so grateful to her!

And hey, speaking of long-term employees, our amazing Care Manager, Meghan, has now been an official employee for a year. We're proud of how her skills have grown and glad to have her helping us keep our professional standards high. Meghan now works with a fine team of administrators to help with keeping records, and coordinates all our caregivers.

What about YOU?

As Hearts, Homes and Hands grows and expands, we are seeking out new caregivers for our dedicated and capable team. Check our employment opportunities page for more about the qualifications, then just give us a call at 254-627-1200 to arrange to talk to us. We have clients throughout Milam County and the surrounding area who would love to meet you.

Who knows, maybe you will be Caregiver of the Month in 2021!

1 thought on “Would YOU Like to Be Caregiver of the Month?”

  1. I am so happy to be Employee of the Month! Hearts, Homes and Hands is a wonderful company to work for!
    I love working with my clients and it is an honor to be there for them.

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