Who You Gonna Call?

Sooner or later, we all need some kind of help, but finding the right place to get that help can be a challenge. In this article, I want to share what I’ve learned about who can help with paperwork, medical problems, and the stuff we all do every day.

Even if it seems like a lot, some paperwork is really important for your peace of mind. Image by @georgieburdge via Twenty20


One of the most obvious things we think about as we get older is our will. We all know to go to a lawyer for that, right? But lawyers can help with all the other paperwork we need to make sure our wishes are followed when we can’t see to it ourselves.

One of these documents a medical power of attorney. It lets doctors and hospitals know who is authorized to make medical decisions for us when we can’t. I know I don’t want the hospital staff, who may have never met me before, making those decisions or trusting the wrong person to make them.

Next on the list is a DNR, which stands for Do Not Resuscitate. Without it, hospitals can go to extraordinary lengths to keep us alive. Even when there is not really any hope. No matter how much agony it causes our families, not to mention us. And without a DNR or medical power of attorney, the hospital may be legally required to take such actions.

When he was dying of cancer, my dad had a copy of his DNR on file at every regional hospital in the county, in his wallet, taped to the dashboard of his car, and on the refrigerator door. He didn’t want to take any chances. He didn’t want to go see Mom any sooner than he had to, but he didn’t want to put it off, either.

We are lucky to have many good lawyers in Milam County. I know many of them, and personally use a few for legal services. It’s never too soon to get your legal paperwork in order.

Call the doctor when you need to! Photo by @arty_kat via Twenty20

Medical Issues

Going to the doctor is a real luxury. But what if you can’t get to the doctor or if you need help with medications? For any medical assistance you need at home, a home health agency is the way to go. Milam County houses the home office of Standard Home Health, but other agencies also work in various parts of the county and surrounding areas. You need a home health agency for help sorting, scheduling, and administering your medications and for any other service a nurse would do in a doctor’s office—such as skilled nursing, occupational therapy, or physical therapy.

Helping you in your home is our pleasure. Photo by @dvrbrk via Twenty20

Activities of Daily Living

A state licensed personal assistance service (PAS) can provide help with the other activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs include transportation, cooking, shopping, help with bathing, housework, and medication reminders. I know I’ve been thankful to have someone to drive when I was too sick to drive myself to the doctor.

Helping elder and disabled people happily in their homes is the mission of Hearts, Homes, and Hands. I’m a customer as well as an officer in the company. That’s why we provide help with ADLs in Milam and the surrounding counties. And all of our caregivers must pass a thorough background check. That’s the law. You’ll get a detailed, customized agreement about the services we provide and visits from one of our supervisors to ensure that plan is being followed.

With a state licensed PAS like Hearts, Homes, and Hands, you don’t have to worry about a private helper calling in at the last second and ruining your plans. We take that on, too, and make sure someone can help when you need it. We guarantee service. And you don’t have to worry about a stranger coming in to your home. A supervisor you know will introduce you to and ensure you are comfortable with anyone we bring in to help.

We are all here to keep you and your loved ones happy. Photo by @spencerpa440 via Twenty20

And that kind of implies another service we provide: respite care. If you are taking care of a family member full time, you sometimes need to get away to recharge your own batteries or take care of your own health issues. While the state requires us to create and adhere to a service plan, that plan does not have to be ongoing. It can be for as short as a few hours on a single day. That gives family caregivers the break you need and deserve.

But the most important service a PAS like Hearts, Homes, and Hands provides is peace of mind. We are regulated and inspected by the State of Texas. We are fully insured to protect your family.