Who Are Our Clients?

New mothers can use an extra hand.

If you're looking around our website, you may notice many photos of elderly people getting in-home assistance. Don't let those photos convince you that we'll only be available to help older folks when we get up and running! There are many scenarios where people of different ages might want to contact us for help.

Injuries can make it hard to do simple things.

Injuries: We will be happy to help you or a family member out if there's been an accident or work injury that inhibits mobility or the ability to do self care. We even know of someone who just needed help getting in and out of bed every day. Or maybe you've injured both arms and can't dress or feed yourself. We can help! Many times we can assist in the days and weeks after a major surgery, which can help with quick healing.

Does her primary caregiver need a break every so often?

Disabilities: We are often asked to relieve the primary caregivers of disabled people so they can do errands or take a break. It's a lot easier to relax knowing your loved one is in good hands. We can discuss long-term and short term help, since every family's needs are different.

New Parents: Mothers who don't have nearby family or other help can benefit greatly from some help around the house right after birth, especially after a cesarean or other complication. Getting some sleep and having time to spend getting the feeding routine and bonding well established will pay off in the future. Our experienced caregivers can tidy up, bring you a meal, and bring you the baby when he or she cries.

Visit the Contact Us page to find out more. We'll be able to help you in just a few weeks!