Whew, Renovation Phase 1 Accomplished

Monday was a very happy day for our renovation crew at our 1905 Pope Residence office building. We passed our final inspection and have a certificate of occupancy! We can officially move in…wait, no we can’t. You see, although we filed for our change of address with the State of Texas, it’s not been approved yet, thanks to all the issues caused by the pandemic. Since we’re state licensed, our official address has to be in the old office for a while longer. We’re still storing all the required documents there and keeping the office open and staffed (we have a lot of interviews to do, so it’s good to have all that space!).

Welcome to Hearts, Homes and Hands!

But, our most of our Board members don’t do day-to-day work with Hearts Homes and Hands, so we moved a lot of our stuff into the building, and wow, does it look good! All the downstairs windows have blinds, and all the painting and touch-up is done. Our crown jewel is the stairway, which is entirely hand-made, and was deemed very sturdy by the inspector. Great job, Chris!

Sooo pretty, and sturdy!

Our CFO, Lee, has a beautiful, light-filled office that fits his big desk and other office furniture just perfectly. He can’t wait to start having meetings, once it’s more possible.

Sue Ann, the CEO, does her work for an Austin software company in her new office, which is decorated in a roses theme, with lots of red, orange, and pink. Her desk made of old doors fits in beautifully, as do her old stained glass, fun lighting, and art. The style is called rustic curated clutter, and she’s sticking with that description.

We have our coffee bar/break area set up, as well. All we need is a “real” refrigerator, which has been a challenge to find. You’ll find us enjoying our lunches from home at the little bistro tables we have set up. It’s a great way to keep safe, but get slightly different scenery.

Of course, we have restrooms. The main room is all put together and cheerful, and the one in Sue Ann’s office is extra shiny.

The front room will be the reception area eventually, but since we aren’t going to be doing any “receiving” any time soon, we haven’t decorated it yet. Since, at the moment, the office stays locked and we have strict protocols to follow for health reasons, we can’t give tours. But, we promise to do a video tour that includes our COO, Kathleen’s, lovely teal, brown, and white office and the reception area in the coming days!

We’re still growing like crazy, so don’t forget to call us if we can assist you or a loved one in any way, or if you are interested in joining our dedicated team of caregivers: 254- 627-1200.