We’re an Essential Service

What does it mean that Hearts Homes and Hands is an essential service? It means that we are open for business, even when there is a shelter-in-place order, which there is for Milam County starting tomorrow. Caring for the elderly and people who are unable to perform daily tasks for themselves is essential for their health and safety, so we are here to provide those services to our current clients as well as new ones.

Safety Guidelines, We Have Them!

We've been having fun making this shiplap accent wall in Lee's future office.

As we have said before, the safety of our clients and staff is very important to us. Each day we get updates from the agency that governs ours as to what precautions we need to be taking when working directly with clients. We have daily meetings to update our management and caregivers on current protocols. And in the office, we are cleaning and washing our hands as much as we can.

We know that some of the things we have to do may be hard for some clients, like daily temperature checks, wearing gloves for certain tasks, and avoiding our usual hugs and handshakes, but these precautions will help keep us as healthy as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please phone us at 254-627-1200. Our offices remain closed to everyone except our staff, so that we can maintain good hygiene.

Enjoy Our Progress

This window is trimmed and has its first coat of paint. The brick is sealed and all clean.

We have been able to keep going with our new office renovation up until today. All the brick has been cleaned and sealed, and we now have an indoor staircase. All walls that are not brick have been dry-walled and/or prepared for the decorative metal we're putting as accents.

This bathroom is ready to get its walls textured, and there's trim around the door. It will have a cool barn door when it's finished.

It looks like painting may happen as soon as we can get to work again. We look forward to a time when we can hold an open house for everyone to come see.

Until then, we'll concentrate on helping our clients, and go nowhere but our offices and homes, like everyone else who provides an essential service.