We Met the Public. They Were Great.

Yesterday we made our public debut at the Steak, Stein and Wine Festival in Cameron. We brought our things over and set up on a corner of the table with our friends at the Milam Touch of Love animal welfare organization.

I'm greeting the morning at our booth.

Much of the day, I sat with them and talked to people who went by, giving them brochures and magnets and such. The MTOL volunteers, Jean and Michael also helped a lot. Michael may be a customer one day, h says, so he is quite invested in learning more about what we do!

Lee, Kathleen, and Kathleen's husband, Chris, joined us around noon. We had a fantastic time walking around the Cameron square and meeting folks of all types.

A highlight of the day was the open house at the Central Avenue Bistro, which is in a building that has been beautifully restored by a local renovator. Wow. We can't wait until this beautiful place is open for business!

Here's your leadership  team, ready to get going!

Chris met with the antique car club, while Kathleen and I bonded with a jewelry maker. And Chris declared he is interested in one of the dogs at the Cameron Touch of Love dog pound, so that's a win for us all.

In the evening we joined friends for a steak dinner and a concert by Rick Trevino. (I forgot to mention we enjoyed a lot of local music, too, during the day. They did a great job of making it loud enough to enjoy, but not so loud you couldn't talk to vendors and friends.

In front of the new bistro building.

We're hoping that some of our brochures and magnets make their way to potential clients, because we will be ready to serve them in a very short time!