We Heard from the State! And Have Stuff…

Coffee Cup
Wow! This looks good on Kathleen's desk!

First off, our coffee mugs and magnets arrived today. We like the mugs, but will put a red border around the image on the next ones we order.

The magnets are exactly what we wanted, and will be great to hand out to people at the Steak Stein and Wine Fest on Saturday, along with our brochures. We will also be giving them to clients, so they can remember how to reach us.

Magnet up close.

Best News!

But hooray, we finally heard back from the State of Texas licensing people. They asked for additional information on three of the areas in the application for license.  We are relieved that it's just three things (out of a 35-page document).

Kathleen is already on it, and will have the additional information out to them later today. Her hope is we will get approved later in the week. That sure would be good!

All of our team is anxious to get started helping people in our area, and we have the marketing stuff to prove it!