We Give Local Dogs a Christmas Gift

Yesterday was a fun day for Hearts Homes and Hands! We got to fulfill our promise of building a big dog run for the City of Cameron Touch of Love facility, which is our local dog pound. Lee and Sue Ann got two of their wonderful dogs from the facility, which strives to adopt out all dogs that come in, unless they are too sick or injured.

happy woman and dog
Here's Sue Ann with Carlton, the day she adopted him from the Cameron Touch of Love.

We donated the money to buy the materials to the Milam Touch of Love organization, which supports the welfare of all animals in Milam County, and on which Sue Ann has served on the Board since it was founded. As we shared earlier, we got the materials on Thanksgiving weekend, but had to wait until our crew came back into town before the big job of building the dog run could be done.


Early yesterday morning, our team arrived at the pound, where Sandra Ritch, the Cameron Animal Control Officer was eagerly waiting. Our Administrator, Kathleen Caso, led a team consisting of her husband, Chris (the mastermind of this project), Jim Caso (Chris's dad AND one of our clients), and our dedicated office queen, Meghan Land, who is also on the Board of Milam Touch of Love.


The pictures show how big the project was. It's a large dog run! It also has a safety feature of an entry vestibule, where you can bring dogs in and shut the door, then open the door to the run. This should help us deal with any escape artists.

Making the run sturdy.

Chris also reinforced the run with t-posts, to keep it secure. In the end, the team produced a beautiful playground for the animals (including, as you can see, the kitties who are mascots of the facility).

About Milam Touch of Love and Cameron Touch of Love

We are so happy we could help a worthy organization like Milam Touch of Love and the Cameron Touch of Love facility. Over the past few years, volunteer labor has turned what was once a very sad dog pound into a clean, comfortable place for lost dogs to await their owners and strays to find new homes.

Meghan and Jim hold the gate so Chris can work on it.

If you haven't had a chance to visit the facility, it's open from 8-5 on weekdays and is located at 1200 E. Gillis in Cameron (near the water treatment plant). You can see the renovated offices, beautiful storage areas, and comfortable area for visiting with dogs.

They can always use donations. The easiest way to do so is to view their Amazon wish list, or to make a donation to Milam Touch of Love, which helps spay and neuter, transport, and get medical help for the animals.

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  1. Dreams to reality. These words could not of happened with out open hearts and minds to make this happen. Thank you all for making this happen. Wow

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