We Finished Our Donation

Happy and Healthy New Year to You!

Over the last weekend of 2019, our volunteer team headed back to the Cameron dog pound to complete the dog run we have donated through the Milam Touch of Love Organization (MTOL).

Sandra Ritch inspects the shade area of the dog run.

We were joined by MTOL volunteers and our client from West Texas, who helped us quickly put together the shade covers for the entry and rest/relaxation areas of the large dog run we've built. We also added a wind barrier that will provide additional shade to one area of the run, which is also where the water dishes (for all those playing dogs are located).

While the intrepid Chris and the others worked, our CEO, Sue Ann, found a pound puppy to play with, you know, to test out the new functionality (secretly, it was to give a sad dog some happy time).

person playing with a dog
Bud the dog gets to run and play.

One More Thing

After finishing up with the dog run, we had another surprise for Sandra Ritch, the Animal Control Officer for Cameron. Chris had noticed how long it was taking to clean out the dog pens with a water hose, so he not only donated a pressure washer, but put it together, long after dark on New Year's Eve. What a trooper.

Next week, the sign we ordered acknowledging the donation will arrive, but it doesn't require a sign for us to feel good about helping the community and giving one of our elderly clients a fun day out and sense of purpose.

man building a pressure washer
Chris puts together the shiny new pressure washer for the dog pound.

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