Watch Your Step

As we get older, we all worry about falling. If we don't, we should, because it can happen to anyone, not just people with balance issues or frailties. You may remember, Lee wrote about the risk of falling just a couple of weeks ago. I should have read it more carefully.

Why do I say this? Well, on Tuesday, I got all dressed up in a cute outfit, complete with my fancy embroidered cowboy boots. I was ready to go to work, but had to walk my little black dachshund mix first. I was cheerful because there was a break in the rain that had been going on for a couple of days.

The scene of the injury, a very slick old deck.

I started off at my usual extra-brisk pace, and on step three, my slick boot slid on the very slick old wood of my deck, and I fell backwards, pretty darned hard. I could hear my vertebrae crunching, and lot my ability to breathe for a while.

Luckily, I didn't break anything, but I am still quite sore, especially in my chest/pectoral muscles. I must have gripped them really tightly. Let me tell you something, when your very large dog jumps up to greet you and plants his paws on your chest and you've recently fallen, you let out a very loud sound.

For Valentine's Day, I got some non-slip stuff to put on the deck. Thanks, Hearts Homes and Hands!

The point is, I should have remembered those boots had smooth soles, and I should have thought to step carefully on the wet surface.  We all need to be careful of our surroundings, keep trip hazards like cords and boxes off the floor, and walk slowly in uneven terrain (in an urban or rural setting!)

Valentines for our clients.

Hearts Homes and Hands can help you or a loved one by coming in and eliminating tripping hazards in your environment, and arrange furniture to be safer for older or unsteady occupants. We have lots of ideas to avoid dangerous situations that our clients can incorporate into their daily lives.

Call us at 254-627-1200 and see how we can help. It's fun being one of our clients, because we come bearing gifts, too. Our clients and associates got some fun Valentine's Day baskets this week!