Watch Us Grow!

We are really proud of our administrators and care team at Hearts, Homes and Hands. As you can imagine, the pandemic has added some challenges to our goal of providing the best personal assistance possible, but our team has handled all the new guidelines and practices with great spirits and dedication. We love to see our clients thrive under the devoted care of our team.

We’ve even moved some stuff into our new building!

These interesting times haven’t stopped our new business from growing, either! Every month our care team is growing, and we are so happy to have new members of our team to allow us to help our growing number of clients throughout the area. Thanks to everyone who refers us to people in their circle who may need personal assistance.

Since we’ve been growing, the need to keep up with all the administrative tasks necessary to keep any licensed agency in good standing with the state also grows. Plus, we want to spread the word about our company, which requires more dedication to marketing and outreach.

For these reasons, we will be doing some internal promotions, which will free up our executive team, especially our fearless leader, Kathleen Caso, to get out there and talk to folks about us. We will share the specifics as soon as they’re all approved and in place.

The first run of rail is painted and installed. The second one is being worked on. Soon, stairs!

And also, we will be officially moving into our new office building as soon as next week! We’ve been getting the place ready for our folks to work there, and are happy to share some sneak peeks into the progress.

We’ll be getting the building inspected so we can have our Certificate of Occupancy as soon as our beautiful custom stair rails are complete. We’re incredibly grateful to our renovation specialist, Chris Caso, who designed built the entire stair area himself. Wow!