The Cheer Train Has Left the Station!

A note from the President of Hearts, Homes and Hands

One of the things I like about the way Hearts, Homes and Hands does its business is that we do lots of nice things for the clients and staff. For example, every year, goodie bags and flowers show up out of thin air to give out to everyone.

Just kidding. Our management team makes those goodies! Last night, after a long day of work, Kathleen, Meghan, and Chris showed up at our house to go into goody overdrive. I got to help, and even Lee measured some cocoa for fudge!

Meghan and I made many, many pretzels dipped in almond bark and sprinkled with sugar. We got better as we went along. Everyone laughed at how I wanted to be sure every treat bag had the same number of treats. Well, MAYBE I enjoy divvying them up! (Hey, I spelled divvying right the first time!)

The other half of the crew made Kathleen’s special fudge recipe, which contains cheese product (you’d never guess). The microwave was going nonstop between melting fudge ingredients and almond bark. Good thing we have a big kitchen.

After the fudge was done, Kathleen made “trash,” which is her version of Chex Mix.

Trash. And remnants of the pretzel operation.

We had so much fun making a mess and telling stories to each other. I’d say the management team put a LOT of love into our gifts.

This morning, they discovered our fridge wasn’t quite cold enough, and the fudge hadn’t solidified. It got re-melted and put in the freezer for a while. Our poor saucepan was traumatized, but everything worked out, and after a good soak, that saucepan can cook Christmas foods.

Ready to deliver the goodies.

Eventually, everything was all packed up and ready to be delivered at some point today. The car is all loaded with treats and flowers, so we know there will be some cheer delivered on our cheer train.