Taking Appropriate Precautions

If you've been paying attention to the local news, you will know that the COVID-19 virus is becoming more prevalent in our area. Because we work with vulnerable populations, the State of Texas has mandated precautions that are more strict than those applied to other businesses, starting today.

sanitizers for hands and shoes
Keeping the office safer.

Anyone entering our main office will need to wear a face mask and use hand sanitizer and clean their shoes upon entry. We set up a convenient station for that right as we walk in. They are then asked to wash their hands. Masks are to be worn in all shared spaces in the office, unless eating or drinking.

In the office we are renovating, which has not been being used as an office until the past few days, we now require our workers to wear masks and follow the same procedures as our caregivers and management team. Now that we have running water, that's much easier.

a table with sanitizer onit
Right inside the front door of our future office building.

All this is a real incentive to get the renovation finished and move on to our next project, right?

Our caregivers are also taking on even more precautions than they were before, and we realize some of them may be inconvenient, but safety is important for all of us. Let's do our part to get the virus under control in our part of Texas.

As always, phone 254-627-1200 with questions or for additional clarification.

a man wearing a mask standing beside a door
Lee is ready to install our new router, so we will have internet when this office officially opens.