Sponsorships Available

Every year, the Cameron Rotary Club hosts a casino night fund raiser. Last year, the Rotary Club raised about $8-thousand for various charities and scholarships.

This fiscal year, Casino Night is 18 January 2020.

Why am I talking about this so early?

Now is the time for the corporate sponsors to sign up. Each year, the Hermit Haus parent company, Hermits’ Rest Enterprises, which is based in Cameron, sponsors the activity. Hermits’ Rest Enterprises will be joined by its sister company Heart Homes and Hands this year.

If you would like to sponsor this fun fundraiser, you can contact me or any other Cameron Rotarian.

What do companies get out of it?

Well, that depends on sponsorship level.

Level Donation Tickets Recognition
Individual $50 Thank you!
Silver $150 1 Looping slide at the event
Show advertisement
Gold $300 2 Table sponsorship
Looping slide at the event
Show advertisement

What do individuals ticket holders get?

Each $20 ticket (you can get those from me, too.) entitles you to:

  • A night of fun at the charity casino with slot machines and other games
  • Dinner
  • Drinks—and we are talking adult beverages here

For more information:

  • Here is the Rotary Club’s page. You can buy tickets online from the page.
  • And here is the Chamber of Commerce’s page on last year’s event. Note the significant drop in the cost of tickets.