Signage You Can See

This week, we’ve been doing continuing education classes, as we should, and are continuing to work on all our important documents, while patiently waiting on our licensing approval. Maybe we aren’t all THAT patient.

We have autumn decor!

Kathleen’s even practicing her personal assistance skills as she takes care of her husband after an operation. That’s dedication!

Shirts and cardigans!

We are pretty excited that our shirts arrived from Lands End, and now we can go get them embroidered with our names and logo. That will be very fancy and official, and will help us get noticed when we do all our publicity stuff the rest of the year.

This doorway will soon be busy, we hope.

Most important, though, is that the sign for our entryway went up on the wall, where it can be seen easily from the street. It makes us happy every time we walk by the place.

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