Progress toward Opening

It's important to be current and well informed.

We are working hard to get ready to open our offices and start serving clients. But, you can't just go and open a personal assistance service.

No! You need to be licensed and accredited. And to do that, you need a certain number of hours of continuing education and background education. So, our founders are hard at work taking courses in person and online from the state.

We want to be completely up to date on all regulations, processes, and practices, so that we can provide services our clients will love and we will be proud of.

The Hermit Haus, 411 W. Main, Cameron

We also have to have proper facilities in order to start out. We need offices for the administrator, assistant administrator, and the care manager. We need secure storage of files, for privacy. And we want the place to be welcoming, so we want a nice reception area.

Right now, we have two buildings we are working with. We will probably open in the former First Christian Church in Cameron (now the Hermit Haus event center). But we hope to move to the oldest brick home in Cameron, which is across the street, and will make a beautiful and welcoming headquarters once it's renovated.

We're about to get going with the renovations, so we will be able to show them off soon.