Office Power

It's been another busy week for our renovation crew, while we still motor along with our clients and caregiving.

A couple of highlights:

A much sturdier floor!

The crew got the flooring in the two office that were not level all fixed. There is a lot of new wood holding the floor level, and they also used some concrete piers to shore up the floors. You can really tell a difference when you walk in Lee's and Kathleen's future offices.

It's electric!

We also had electricians in to modernize the electricity on the entire first floor. We have places for light switches and a lot more electrical outlets, which you need in a modern office! The wiring is on the surface of the walls (we can't bury it in the brick!), but it looks pretty cool. We're debating whether to paint them to blend in better, or celebrate them.

Brickwork continues, and the scrapers and fillers are making really good progress.

The bathroom will be back, and the original window will not be blocked by stairs!

I had a surprise when I showed up this week. The bathroom next to my office was completely gone! We spent a lot of time figuring out how we are going to go a staircase up to the second floor and also fit in a half bathroom. By moving the back door a couple of feet to the left, we will be able to fit enough stairs before having to put in a landing to go the other way so that there will be a seven-foot ceiling in the bathroom. Whew. For a while there, it looked like it would only be a bathroom for short people!

We will update you again soon. Until then, remember to let folks know we're here to help you if you have any non-medical caregiving need.