New Adventure: Our Future Offices

We've been waiting a year to make this grand old home (which may look familiar, since it's on our home page) ours. We bought it through our real estate investment business, hoping to make it into something...a bed and breakfast, apartments...something.

Our future home, which is under renovation.

Little did we know that we'd embark on the project to create Hearts Homes and Hands later in the year, and that we would need a building to dedicate to serving our clients and working with our staff.

How We Got It

We bought the house from a family whose matriarch was no longer able to safely live alone in the home. She was an amazing woman with many hats and many shoes, but the stairs to her room were getting pretty scary, and she was no longer able to do the upkeep on the place.

What a grand parlor!

Sound familiar? Yes! The family needed to use their funds to get the lovely old woman the care she needs, and couldn't afford the payments on the second mortgage that had been taken out to so some repairs.

We helped them keep the house from undergoing foreclosure, kept the head of their family safe, and finally, once some complicated paperwork was finished, got the house so that we can bring it back to its former glory.

Our Plan

We need to do a lot of structural repair to this 1905 house, which was originally built for a Dr. Pope and housed his offices and living quarters.

Our happy holidays tree!

As we renovate, we will move our offices there, since it's way easier to put a wheelchair ramp in the Pope Residence than in our current office.

First things first, though. We had to put up a Christmas tree in the glorious front window!