Moving on Up at the New Offices

He's on the top of the world and can see all of Cameron

We're looking up, up, up at the Pope Residence this week. One of our foci has been fixing the leaking roof on the sunroof/stairway addition to the house. Chris and Easton have been climbing all over the place and making the rest of us nervous.

There was a lot of bad wood in the ceiling of the little addition, so once the old roof came down, new wood has gone in. It looks to me like they are having some fun with the project.

Hello, Easton!

A new metal roof will go on top of the wood (and I believe some insulation, too). Eventually the same kind of metal will be used on the main roof, but we'll leave that to the professionals!

Going Up on the Inside

The stairs on the left, and the new bathroom on the right.

A lot of progress has been made on the new indoor staircase. Chris made all the stair treads himself and put a beautiful bullnose edge on each one. These will be a real highlight of the building. They finished the first landing, which means the re-created bathroom under the stairs has a ceiling AND a floor. There's nothing left of that original room other than a bit of the outer wall and the part that once was the outer wall and is brick.


We chose the colors for the trim and walls that aren't brick, as well as the painted ceilings. The main color is called Rosy Pashmina, and will complement the brick really well. It's a shade lighter than the actual bricks, but will blend in with them, we hope. It goes mostly in the back of the building.

Paint samples! This is them in the shade. In the sun they hurt my eyes.

The trim is a "designer white" called Wings of an Angel, which is a very light cream. We wanted to be sure to get a warm white to go with all the brick and wood.

The main bathroom is a calm yellow (if you can call any yellow "calm") called Deviled Eggs. I hope it doesn't always make me hungry.

My office bath will be a very vivid red-orange called Steelhead Redd. It shouldn't be overwhelming, since one wall will be metal and the brick wall will be the cream color.

And in a move that I hope works out well, I selected a very pale blue (Dreamstress) for the ceilings that are currently white. I think they will register more as white, and will be a nice contrast to all the warm colors. I always wanted a ceiling that looked like the sky, and it reminds me of the tradition of painting porch ceilings the "haint blue" color.

If it doesn't work out, like they say, "It's only paint."