More Brick!

Happy Friday! As we go about our daily work, we continue to peek into our future offices at the Pope residence.

Here's the hole for working on the sagging beam.

Cody has been meeting with various subcontractors to get the building's bones back in good shape. They have a plan for shoring up the sagging beam that involves just two holes in the flooring, one of which you see here.

He also talked to a mason about what's needed to do any repairs or reinforcement needed on all the newly exposed brick. We want to keep the character, but also make the building safe for us and our clients! It may not be the most inexpensive proposition ever, so we're going to talk about it before doing any more work on the two remaining offices that still have plaster on the walls.

Our old friend Felix also dropped by to figure out how to get heating and air conditioning into the building (yay!). The downstairs is a little complicated and has three zones, but upstairs will be easy to do through the attic, when that time comes.

Enjoy these pictures of the former kitchen with the damaged shiplap removed (it will be replaced by shiplap from a house that's being demolished) and of the newly exposed brick in the entry hallway. We think it will look fantastic with the trim painted a light color!