Making the Most of Mealtime

I keep reading that many people are returning to cooking beautiful meals in their homes since they haven’t been going out as much. Still, mealtime can be a real challenge for some of us, especially people who are getting up there in years and have had changes in their appetites.

Future spaghetti sauce? Photo by @missglendy via Twenty20

This is true for all of us, but especially true for those of us who aren’t eating as much as we used to: it’s important to make the most of the food you do eat, so that your body and mind get what they need most. So, how do we do that?

Once pureed, they are just delicious flavor. Photo by @leahymb via Twenty20

One tip is to pack nutrition into simple meals. I just read about a Cameron friend’s famous spaghetti sauce that she makes and freezes. In it, she packs pretty much every vegetable from her garden, like squash, beans, peppers, greens, etc. She chops them and cooks them a long time in a healthy oil, and then purees the result. All that’s needed is some tomato sauce and seasonings, and there’s a delicious sauce ready to pour over pasta, rice, simply cooked meat, etc. It also makes a great soup base. According to my friend, people beg for her recipe and are very surprised that it has all those vegetables in it (she found it in a magazine)!

I figure that technique will work for many things you can freeze for future use, too.

Microwave us just a little bit!

As for quick meals, I like to include raw vegetables as a side dish when I simply cook fish or chicken, or even as a snack. My brother-in-law was having trouble with baby carrots and a couple of other vegetables, because of chewing challenges. He discovered that a very short time in the microwave softens them just enough to be easily chewed, but still have the fresh flavor. Fruit can also be softened this way, for all of you who can no longer enjoy apples raw.

I’ll be bringing you more ideas of things that are both good for us AND fun to eat, so stay tuned!

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