License Applied For

We've crossed and dotted all the appropriate letters, filled out all the forms, taken all the required training, and sent in the money (lots of it) to apply to be a licensed HCSSA provider in the state of Texas. HCSSA stands for Home and Community Support Service Provider, by the way, and it's pronounced "Hick-sa," if you ever need to say it. We are registering to be a Personal Assistance Service, which is one type of HCSSA (there are also different types of home health and hospice services).

What does the application entail? Here's the official information from the Health and Human Services website.

When will we be licensed?

Assuming our application is complete, and since Kathleen is the one who did it, we are pretty confident, it could be up to 45 days before we're officially licensed. We are hoping it is less than that, of course!

This is a huge milestone, and we are proud of all the work our team has done to prepare for the application.

We also bought furniture for our reception area. Here's the wall art we found.

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  1. I was SO impressed by Kathleen and her experience, plans, and what she is looking for in employees when I got the chance to meet her. Hopefully the application is processed quickly!

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