Labor Day Salute

Happy Labor Day to all. We hope many of you are getting a day of rest in honor of the hard working people in the USA. Here at Hearts, Homes and Hands, though, we are working. Why is that?

Well, it’s simple: the people we care for don’t stop needing help on holidays. Sure, some folks may have family or friends who could step in, but many of the people we provide in-home services for don’t have that option. They need our help, every day.

Your hearts are in our hands.

And that’s why we are so grateful for our loyal and conscientious caregivers. We have the privilege of working with folks who gladly give of their holiday time to make sure others are safe, secure, fed, and clean. Just like people in nursing homes, hospitals, and rehab centers, we are here to help at all times.

We have enough caregivers to give time off when needed, but it warms our hearts how much they care for our clients and want to keep working with them as much as they can.

Thank you, to all of our caregivers and support staff! You are helping us become the kind of agency we have always wanted to be: reliable, fair, and caring.

Give us a call at 254-627-1200 if you think we might be able to help you or someone you love!