Independence – Important Every Day

Independence is important to all of us, especially our elders.

This photo came up in my Facebook memories today. It's of Lee's dad the last year he was mobile and able to work on his farm. He was happy to be financially independent, thanks to some oil income, but the reason he's so satisfied in the picture is that he is on his farm with his corn and his cows, well into his 90s.

We aren't all that lucky, and that's one of the reasons we are starting this service. We want the elderly and infirm in our community to achieve as much independence as they can. Sometimes it just takes a little help to be able to live in familiar surroundings, and that's where we'll come in.

Stay in touch! We are working toward opening very soon!

1 thought on “Independence – Important Every Day”

  1. Having aging parents is difficult. How to help them keep some level of independence while ensuring they are safe and getting the care they need. I was fortunate enough to be able to move my parents in with me. They have their own rooms and can do their own thing but I am here if and when they need help. Honoring and respecting our elders and all they have been to us and giving them that dignity as they lose the ability to do all they used to do is important to me and I hope to others

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