If You Don’t Need Us Yet…

Today we got a question that was important enough to share with all of you who may be customers at some point:

We don't need your services now, but would it be a good idea to apply ahead of time?

Getting ready to sanitize and go help clients.

The answer to that is a definite YES. If you can foresee a time when you or a loved one might need help with daily activities, go ahead and give us a call, so we can get all your information in our system.

That way, if a need arises sooner than you expect, we will be able to quickly start helping you, which will be one less thing to worry about in a difficult time.

We got a new shipment of scrubs, so our team can change frequently.

Call us at 254-627-1200 and we'll get you all set up. Our friendly and patient staff is eager to help whenever you need it!

Did You Hear?

If you listen to KMIL (105.1 - the Ranch), be on the alert for our first radio commercial! It's only 15 seconds, so listen fast!