How Can We Help? You Might Be Surprised

When people think of personal assistance services, they usually think of the standard things we list on our main page, such as light housekeeping, dressing, bathing, and companionship. But under these general categories come a lot of ways we can help people out (and you don't have to be elderly to get this help, just unable to do the task).

elderly person with dog
Pets add to quality of life!

We have helped a client who could not bend over temporarily with pet care. That can include dealing with cat litter, feeding the pets, and taking them out for exercise.

Around here, many people have to drive a long way to go to the doctor. We can accompany you, so that you remain safe or don't have to drive after a minor procedure.

Sometimes Caregiving Is Fun!

Did you know that bringing in food from a favorite restaurant or fast-food place will count as "cooking" for a shut-in who craves something different to eat? This makes one of our clients very happy.

handicapped person on beach
Beach fun for everyone!

We even have a client who takes her caregiver for weekend trips to the beach. That's a bonus! Sure, not every caregiver can pick up and leave town, but we have a wide variety of friendly people who can meet your needs, whether it's a card-playing buddy, someone to go to the movies with, or someone to read to you.

Give us a call! We create a care plan for each individual client, based on their unique needs. Just let us know how we can help you or a loved one!