Home Stretch

Lee sets up Kathleen's new computer.

Kathleen is in town for the next couple of weeks as she and Lee get ready to get our business going, so we can help as many clients as we can.

We're still doing some improvements on the building, but we are talking to potential caregivers and other employees, and we plan to take the final test so we can apply to start operating.

Yes! It works!

Today we are getting out network set up, and Kathleen's new work computer up and running so all of our systems can coordinate.

With the new air conditioning system up and cooling, it will be easier for our team to finish removing the ceiling and the electricians to come in and bring all those systems up to code.

Most important, though, is we have been planning the many ways in which we can be of service to the elderly and incapacitated in our community. That's what gets us excited.