Here’s to Good Health!

Our Board was just talking about how good it feels to be a part of this area and to serve the communities around Milam County. We have felt welcomed here, made new friends and professional connections, and are happy to have made the lives of some of the families in the area better.

You can learn a lot when you become a part of a rural community. You learn about issues you don’t run into when you live in places with an abundance of resources. For example, we are the ONLY local agency providing non-medical personal assistance in this county. Now our residents have a choice of a licensed agency committed to safety standards and to being there when a client is scheduled.

This beautiful, hand-crafted stair rail is the last thing needed before we get the certificate of occupancy for our future main office!

We learn how hard it is for local government agencies to fund needed services, as well. That’s why we were so happy to learn more about the amazing new OnMed Telehealth Station that is set up in the Milam County Sheriff’s office. We are a trial location for this much-needed health care option, and the FIRST place to get one. It’s in partnership with Texas A&M Health Science and OnMed.

You walk in the Sheriff’s office, and boom, there it is.

Three of our team visited the facility last week, and enjoyed a tour. They also got to try it out. There was a lot of gushing about how cool the facility is when they came back! Stethoscopes drop out of the ceiling, your temperature and blood pressure get taken, you get to talk to a real doctor, and if needed, common medications can be dispensed. Wow, this can mean a lot to the community. We’ll make use of it, for sure.

Lee and Meghan from Hearts Homes and Hands talk to a Texas A&M representative on their tour. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Morgan)

Cameron is also going to have a COVID-19 testing and urgent care facility soon, in the Professional Building on the former Cameron Hospital campus. These health-care options are great for our clients and the rest of our community. Our leadership has worked hard to find ways to get these needed facilities without burdening the taxpayers.

Chris learns about what he’ll experience in the telehealth station. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Morgan)

I know we will feel better knowing we don’t have to drive to another town for urgent care and routine screenings, and we also happy for more convenient health-care options for our clients. No wonder we are so happy to be here! We are in a community that cares for its citizens’ health.

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  1. That OnMed Telehealth station sounds fantastic! I can think of many places, where these would be put to good use.

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