Hearts Homes and Hands Can Help When Illness or Injury Occur

Our staff offer a free safety assessment while in your home. While cleaning the shower, your caregiver might notice there is not a grab bar and suggest the installation of one. The pretty rugs in the kitchen could now be a fall risk for you.   

Having a caregiver in your home is a change. No one likes change. Starting with services in small chunks of time will ease you into a plan to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  

Here are just a few suggestions we forget about in our homes that Hearts Homes and Hands can assist with. 

  • Is there spoiled or out-of-date food in your refrigerator or cabinets? 
  • Dusting the high-to-reach spaces and decor 
  • Over-looked surfaces, such as curtain rods and ceiling fans 
  • Changing the batteries in the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors  
  • Washing the curtains 
  • Replacing or cleaning vacuum filters 
  • Dusting AC vents 
  • Cleaning lamp shades 
  • Hard-to-reach baseboards 

Call our intake specialist today at 254-627-1200 to schedule a free in-home assessment.