Getting the Office Ready

This weekend we are celebrating the fact that we will be up and running by October 15 (or sooner!), we sent our team of demolition dudes over to remove the old ceiling in the reception area to reveal the beautiful beams above.

The dust got all contained thanks to the plastic barrier.

Mike and Joe got to work early this morning and have already gotten their assigned area of ceiling removed. All they have left to do is clean up, so we can use the building for work and such next week.

What about October 15?

Working on the ceiling.

Well, after turned in all our stuff to the State of Texas we had to wait. They acknowledged receipt of our money at last, so the countdown of 45 day for them to approve our application for our license has begun. We're just crossing our fingers it gets approved sooner, because we want to attend some events in the area, and want to be open for business first.

We are much closer to having our business phone system all set up. That's been an interesting challenge.

We've also selected the software we'll use to keep track of all our clients, staff, hours and more. Training for that will start next week, and we are also doing more required training next week. We are enjoying getting all our ducks in a row so we can serve our area.

Halfway through cleanup.

Our caregivers area also excitedly waiting to get to work helping out people in need in their own homes. It's happening!