Cool New Offices? Literally!

Hey, it's a bathtub!

Have you ever had one of those days where everything you try to do is harder than it should be? You just have to get through them, which is what today is for me (I wrote a blog entry and it disappeared). It's that was with renovations, too; it's often two steps forward and one step back.

Small mini-split units getting installed.

However, we had real progress over the weekend, because we had a fine, new and energy efficient heating and air conditioning system installed on the first floor of the Pope Residence, where our offices will be located. There is one small traditional unit that will cover one office, the hallway and common area.

The big a/c unit, in the space where the "laundry room" used to be. Now the bathroom window gets light!

The cool part (ha ha) is that the other three offices each have their own mini-split system with a small outside unit and a small inside one. These are great, because no ductwork is needed, and the units are quite efficient.

We have a whole team now, led by Chris Caso, whose job is to get smaller jobs done. They have done the demolition on the messed up "laundry room" - because it was leaky and had stair supports in the middle of it. Now the big air conditioning unit is there.

Clean brick and air conditioning ducts, the only ones in the house.

The team also is cleaning the rest of the bricks in the interiors of the rooms, and getting ready to put in new flooring in one of the front offices that may have been a kitchen, maybe.

We're excited that we have figured out a way to save and highlight the huge cast-iron bathtub that was hiding in one of the bathrooms. It will be beautiful when we are finished.

And for safety reasons, we got the hole where the old stairs were covered up. Whew.

No more ceiling "skylight" or hole.

We bought really nice electric heaters that look like wood stoves, just in case chilly Kathleen and I need them (also because they fit in with the age of the house). We are looking forward to making a warm and welcoming place for our clients and their families.

Speaking of clients! We have capacity to take on more clients, so please let your friends and family know we're here. We can provide respite care for a tired family caregiver, we can run people to doctor appointments, we can pick up groceries, and such. Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to help out.

Lee says come say hello!

We can't help if you don't call and say hello! 254-627-1200