Casino Night Socializing

One of the things we do to get our name out in the community is attend civic events and support charitable organizations.

We had a sign!

We sponsored the Rotary Club of Cameron's casino night, which was held last night in the Yards of Cameron facility. We had a sign and everything!

It's important to us to give back to our community, and Rotary provides scholarships to local students and supports Cameron in many other ways.

Kathleen and I dutifully participated!

We also want to meet more people, and the casino night was a great opportunity for our team to let locals learn who we are. It's easier to call a company if you know the folks involved, isn't it?

One reason we write a blog is so that you, our potential clients, can learn what kind of people run Hearts Homes and Hands and work with us. We are a part of the local community and want to make Milam County and the surrounding area a good place to live, with dignity.

We were glad Chris could join us, and that Meghan was there too (she took the picture). That's our friend Liz playing with us.

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