By Popular Request: More Old House Coolness

Things are going pretty well over here at Hearts Homes and Hands! We have some new clients and are busy spreading the word to doctors and other health-care providers about the services we offer. We even think we can provide more services, soon too. Stay tuned.

But, that's not why you're here! You want to know what new things have been uncovered by Cody's team over at the Pope residence, right?

Rhett looks at the beauty of the front room.

We've been having visitors come by (just ask one of us, and we can give you a tour if nothing dangerous is going on). Yesterday, the City Manager of Cameron, Rhett Parker, dropped by to check things out. He liked all that brick!

I also like it. It makes me almost swoon. By looking at the openings, you can see where original doors and windows were. The crew found a window that goes into the entry hallway. It makes us wonder if the original house had a much smaller hallway.

There's a cool original window in the bathroom that may actually bring in light once the scary laundry room is removed.

One of the downstairs bathrooms has been cleaned out, and looks very much better now. The sink and toilet are in good enough shape to re-use, so that will help with costs, at least a little bit!

They also cleaned out the laundry room addition, and it looks much less horrible now. We may even end up keeping it, if we can figure out how to make the roof no longer leak where the outdoor stairway supports come through it. Sigh, that's another "interesting" modern introduction!

Below is a gallery of some of the things that have been found in the last couple of days, and the captions explain why I think they are cool.

Every day we get new ideas when we look at what the demolition crew uncovers. Soon the whole first floor will be emptied out and we'll see the shell we have to work with.

Then the electrical system will get upgraded and things can be restored to their previous beauty.

Good News!

Cody reported today that someone he knows is tearing down an old house that has the same kind of floors as this one, so we do have access to wood that will replace the damaged flooring in the Pope residence! That's going to make things a lot easier, because there are a few areas that need to be fixed up.

Why Are We Here Again?

Remember the reason we are fixing this house up is so that we can have a large, accessible office for our company. We want to be a part of the Cameron community for many years to come. Of course, to do that, we'd need clients, so please help us out and spread the word that Hearts Homes and Hands is here to help you or your loved ones live safely and comfortably at home.

We can cook, keep the house clean, help with dressing and bathing, and provide many other helpful services. Feel free to call us at 254-627-1200 to learn more.

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