Building Our Client List – With You

Now that we have our license, we are working on finding clients for our business. Starting next week, we'll have some, and that makes us so happy.

Can You Help?

You may not need us now, but it's good to know we're here for you or your loved ones. Photo: @TinaVal via Twenty20

Why, yes, you CAN! Just mentioning us to your friends or family who might need any of our services is the best way to help us get started. People may not need us right now, but it's good to have a plan for the future.

Just knowing you can turn to Hearts Homes and Hands if you are temporarily unable to do things around the house, drive to the doctor, or pick up groceries can provide peace of mind when an illness strikes or a long-term need arises.

Tell your friends and family that there IS a service in our area that helps out with non-medical personal assistance needs. Send them to this website or our Facebook page to learn more.

Our hands are here for you. Photo: @vesnoi_ via Twenty20

We're a quick call away! 254-760-4411 will connect you with our caring team.