Anniversary Milestone

May 1 is an important day for Hearts Homes and Hands. That’s the day Kathleen, Lee, and I officially launched this business. We knew we’d have a long road ahead of us, but look, here we are, up and running and even making a little money.

Kathleen and I celebrate a year in business at the front door of our future office!

For the first six months or so, we concentrated on getting all our ducks in a row to start a quality personal assistance service that meets or exceeds all the State-mandated standards. I certainly hadn’t realized how much training, preparation, and studying it would involve, but now that we’ve done it, I feel so proud of this company, and especially of Kathleen Caso, who did the majority of the hard work of getting us set up, while Lee and I provided office space, equipment, and funds for the startup. You need both of those, of course!

We have lighting and a shiny new ceiling in the main hallway at the new office.

Since we’ve opened, we’ve been blessed to find great people to work with us and provide service to a wide variety of truly amazing clients. In this business, you most assuredly get back a great deal for every bit of effort you make when working with clients. We certainly learn a lot of stories! The State is now allowing us to bring in some more caregivers, too. Yay!

Quite a Hiccup

We never expected a stay-at-home order and a pandemic to deal with in our first months of operation. But, we’ve kept up with all the new standards, practices, and safety measures the State has mandated to ensure the safety of our clients, their families, and ourselves. It’s been worth it knowing we can still help most of our clients, even those who don’t want close personal contact (we drop off groceries, pick up prescriptions, etc.).

We recycled light fixtures and pieces of tin from an old house in our renovation.

If we can cope with all this sudden and massive change, we feel even more prepared to come up with ways to help our clients in the future.

Looking Forward

We are excited about being able to move into our new offices, right across the street from our current ones. Perhaps we’ll be able to show it off, once it’s safe to do so! In the meantime, we have lots and lots of pictures.

We are happy to have saved original shiplap and ceilings whenever possible. The new light in Lee’s office really fits in.

We have more exciting plans for the future, but right now we want to concentrate on whatever it takes to help seniors and others who are confined to their homes live happy, productive, and safe lives. Let us know if we can help you or a loved one!