Aging Well

While we will talk about the business of running Hearts, Homes, Hands and providing in-home, non-medical elder care once we start accepting clients, that’s not the only purpose of this blog. We want to share things we learn about the aging process and how to help live your life to the fullest as you age. And unlike other businesses, we hope to help you never become one of our clients.

So here is a look at some other blogs:

10 Bloggers Who Make Aging A Whole Lot Easier
As the title says, Huffpo lists 10 blogs, mainly run by journalists, that deal with aging well. One of them might suit your needs.
The Age-Well Project
Annabel Streets and Susan Saunders literally wrote the book on The Age Well Project. Their blog discusses their ongoing journey into elderhood.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Le Guin, was one of my favorite authors growing up. Unfortunately, she died last year, as we all eventually must. She started blogging at 81, and her writings continue to inspire me. I often quote he response to the misguided saying, “You’re only as old as you feel.” She responded, “If I’m ninety and believe I’m forty-five, I’m headed for a very bad time trying to get out of the bathtub.”

Ursula K Le Guin started blogging—mainly about aging—at 81. The blog was excerpted into No Time To Spare: Thinking about what matters.
Photo source K Kendall on flickr.
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