A Little Update on Our New Office

It’s been a while since we updated you on the progress of renovating one of Cameron’s oldest homes to be our offices. We’ve made great progress and already expanded the scope of the project to the upstairs.

Kathleen has moved some furniture into her new office.

The first two offices, where our COO (Kathleen) and CFO (Lee) will work, are complete. They look beautiful, too.

Lee’s office now has an additional rug and console.

The second two offices on the first floor, which will be our reception area and Sue Ann’s office (she’s the CEO who does our social media work) just got their old floors refinished yesterday. They need to dry out completely and have the floor trim installed before we can move anything in, but sure look beautiful.

We have the cabinets in the break room installed, the stairs finished, and the air conditioning complete. That’s a real relief for the first day of summer! Once the stair rails are in and plumbing complete, we can apply for a certificate of occupancy, though we will need to stay in the previous offices until the State of Texas approved our change of address. That will give us lots of time to film a walk-through.


We originally had decided not to use the upstairs of the house, but changed our mind when we realized that our Assistant Administrator, Meghan, would need a locking office for all her records. The reception area doesn’t close off, you know, so it can be welcoming to visitors when we are able to have them!

So, she chose a second-floor office that only needs paint and an air conditioning unit to be usable, and she’s chomping at the bit to paint and decorate it, while staying in the old office as long as necessary.

Meghan’s future office being prepared for paint.

Another room needed very little work, so we took out the carpet and will be turning it into a very nice, large conference room for our caregiver meetings. It’s a gorgeous room already, and with a fresh coat of paint will be sunny and welcoming.

Right now it’s storing stuff for downstairs, but soon it will be a conference room and that dangling border will be gone. The floors are in great shape!

One bedroom is reserved for another office when we expand a bit more. It lost its hounds-tooth wallpaper and looks great, ready for the future.

This room will be a fine office for future staff!

The final bedroom, which was just awful looking before, is going to be a rustic and beautiful place to safely and securely store all those records and important files that we need to keep, but not use every day. It’s important to keep our records, for the safety of our clients and our staff (and it’s required). They may as well be in a cool room, which conveniently has a door from Meghan’s office for quick access.

Look at those walls and ceiling@ The furniture in the middle is going to be a bathroom vanity in another project.

We will eventually renovate the upstairs bathroom as well, and will put in a central air conditioning system in the fall.

We even planted some flowers to spruce up the outside until we get to the phase of painting this big building and returning it to its glory. We are grateful to everyone who’s worked on this project!

Some flowers add cheer.

Questions, comments? Leave them here, or phone us at 254-297-1200 to arrange to speak with us about helping someone who just needs some help around the house to comfortably stay in familiar surroundings.

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