A Frenzy of Holiday Fun

In between working with clients, our team has spent this week buying and making gifts for our community and people we work with.

Presents galore!

It was a lot of fun choosing "angels" from the Angel Tree at the Winnie L Nursing Home and buying them the gifts they requested. It really got Kathleen and Lee, our administrators, in the holiday spirit to think of good gifts.

We turned them in yesterday, along with gifts from our friends at Milam Touch of Love, who also wanted to give back to the community.

Food and Craft Time

The good thing about a business like ours is that there IS a fun element involved. For us this week, the fun was making gifts to take to the people we work with around Cameron.

Canova and Meghan working hard and having fun.

Our intrepid office staff, Meghan and our new Community Activity Coordinator, Canova, made a herd of candy cane reindeer, decorated little houses, and in general had a good time.

Meghan is trying not to eat all the goodies she's putting in the bags. It was hard.

Then, the crafters trundled over to Kathleen's kitchen, where they put together goodie bags full of sweet and savory snacks. (I tried some. They were great.)

If these baskets didn't put people in a festive mood, nothing would!

When they were finished, they had beautiful gift baskets to take all over town to clients and our colleagues. We hear that quite a few reindeer are now on Christmas trees around town.

Reindeer ready to fly out the door.

Helping Out

Kathleen visited Bea's Kitchen, where local retirees hang out, and found out about a local family that could use some holiday cheer after a health issue came up. She volunteered to bring them some Christmas cheer and things they needed. They are getting their gifts today!

Kathleen is ready to deliver gifts to a family who can use some cheer.

We hope you have had some good times with your friends and family this holiday season.

And remember, if we can help you or your family get through this season and beyond, we are here to help. You might be surprised at the things we can do to make your life easier.

Call us at 254-627-1200!